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Social Media Marketing Services
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Social Media marketing can make the difference between surviving and successful in a competitive online market.

1] Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest)

Social Media Marketing is considered to be the powerful and valuable way of Internet marketing, forthcoming in the internet landscape. It is defined as “the procedure of promoting your website or business through social media Networks & it is a influential approach that will get you links, awareness and very big amounts of traffic”. Generally, people akin to read the stuff of their interest, so, a good social media marketer should have the ability to evaluate such sites that are more suitable for your business type. Also, on how you engage with your target audience and turn them to your valuable customers. Now, businesses are trying to target most popular social media sites to promote their products and services i.e. word of mouth form of communication. Some of the popular social media sites include Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit,, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and YouTube, to name a few.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing  or ‘buzz’ marketing allows your company to create conversations in a targeted market segment, facilitating greater brand awareness and thus add measurable value to your brand. And the big bonus is that during a period of economic crisis, connected marketing is the most cost-effective method of marketing.

Spring Communications has a rare depth of experience online – and specifically with Social Media Marketing. We will thoroughly study your product or offering, and draw up a buzz marketing strategy based on market pulse, top influencers, top buzz centers and changing market sentiments regarding your brand.

Why should you choose Social Media marketing?

Companies are recognizing that prospective customers no longer base decisions on the company website messaging Instead, people make decisions based on what they read and hear online from other users. With buzz, viral and word-of-mouth marketing growing in importance, companies are now tracking these trends to further refine their marketing strategies. Additionally, managing and avoiding negative word-of-mouth, online and offline, is becoming an increasingly important area in Social Media marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Generation of relevant traffic to the company website and blog
  • Capture of a increasing and quality leads
  • Identifying customer and market sentiment which helps develop accurate marketing strategy
  • Building of vital customer relationship
  • Get increased traffic
  • Higher back links
  • Build long term sustainable traffic
  • Cost effective

What are Spring Communications Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

To simplify our process, we have broken it down into essential steps.

1. Create accounts on all social networks desired
2. Customize each account to your company’s satisfaction
3. Optimize each network for content to be easily transferred
4. Establish targeted connections
5. Communicate with connections
6. Use social networking services, forums and discussion threads to connect with other Peoples
7. If Corporate Video or video content are available, submit to YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo! Video and Others
8. Social bookmarking

Connected marketing avenues:

Video Marketing: Marketing of viral video clips on video sharing sites

Image Marketing: Involves the marketing of image, artwork and photographs on image sharing sites

Blog Marketing: Online buzz creation through blog posts, replies and conversational engagement with blogging communities

Social Network Marketing: involves the creation and management of multiple profiles across social networking websites

Q & A Marketing: Online buzz creation through questions and answers

Social Bookmarking: involves the generation of traffic through bookmarking with popular social bookmarking sites

Classifieds: posting online classifieds on multiple sites

2] Social Media Advertising (PPC on Facebook, LinkedIn)

Advertise on Facebook ( Facebook Marketing )

Build your Facebook Page
Everything on Facebook starts with your Page. Create a Page. It’s a simple, free way to communicate with customers.

Connect with people
Get people to like your Page. Create several ads and target based on location, demographics and interests.

Engage your audience
Post quality updates and promote your posts with ads to engage your customers and their friends.

Facebook advertising

Advertise on LinkedIn ( LinkedIn Marketing )

Acquire New Customers for Your Business Reach your exact audience with LinkedIn Ads.Reach Professionals on LinkedIn Connect with the world's largest audience of active, influential professionals. Launch your campaign in minutes.

Find the Exact Customers You're Looking For Target a Specific Audience

By job title and function
By industry and company size
By seniority and age
By LinkedIn Groups

Set a Budget That's Right for You Control How Much You Spend

Pay by clicks or impressions.
Stop your ads at any time.
No long-term contracts.
No commitments.
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LinkedIn advertising
Get in touch with us! - Contact Us - Email Call : 91 - 98191 55156 - Our Responsive Website
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