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SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment An investment with a high return.

Why You Need a SEO Maintenance

Web seo maintenance service

Search Engines Don’t Like Stale Websites

Search engines like sites that are relevant and active. If a search engine sees that a website has gone “stale,” the search engines will often start seeing that website as less relevant. As the site becomes less relevant, it will start falling off in search rankings and traffic will start drying up.

Your Competitors Aren’t Sitting Still

Your competitors are targeting your same clients. As they become savvy about on-line marketing, they are going to be implementing their own strategies to attract your customers. As they compete with you and change their own websites, grow their own inbound links and implement their own social media strategies, their efforts will influence your ranking and traffic. Will they become more relevant than you? Or will you work to get or stay on top?

Search Engines Change

In the early days of the web, it used to be enough to throw some keywords in the meta tags and then watch the traffic roll in. But those days are long gone. Search engines are getting smarter all the time. They continually update their search algorithms (or “secret recipes”) to improve the search results they provide to their users. In recent times, the big updates from Google known as “Panda” and “Penguin” are perfect examples.
Search engines also update their features. In early 2007 Google introduced “Universal Search.” No longer did searchers have to search separate sections depending on whether they were looking for a video, or an image or an article. With Google’s Universal Search, they could see those results on one page. This had a profound impact on how website owners could draw traffic.
More recently, Google has launched two large initiatives knows as “Search Plus Your World” and “Knowledge Graphs.” Search Plus Your World began integrating a user’s Google Plus social media into their search results. This only applies to users who are logged into their Google account, but it changes what those users will see.
With “Knowledge Graphs,” Google has started stepping toward “semantic search.” Semantic search looks beyond the keywords themselves and starts to look at the relationships between broader ideas and topics. With their “Knowledge Graph” launch, they have started providing additional information (sometimes referred to as “knowledge panels” of facts, photos, and other info) along with their traditional search results. At the moment, it is limited to certain

 You need to monitor your traffic and see where your plan is working

As they say... “You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” There are all sorts of offline data that you are ideally tracking such as phone calls, how your clients heard of you, store traffic, etc. In the online world, the primary means of measuring comes through your website analytics. Your “website analytics” is tracking software such as Google Analytics that gathers statistics on things like how many visitors you’ve had, where they came from, how many pages they looked at, what types of browsers they are using, etc. It can provide a wealth of data.
Management ranking on the search engines: There will be fluctuations in the results of the search engines for your site.

Monitor search engine rankings - there will be many fluctuations in your search engine rankings. This may be due to search engines changing their ranking formulas, or competitors trying to get ahead of you. More sites are added to the web each day so you need to monitor your search engine rankings to be competitive.

Increase the popularity link: A very important issue in maintaining the SEO is to maintain the quality links pointing to your site

Boost link popularity - this refers to the amount of other quality web sites that have links pointing back to yours. The more quality links there are, the better you will rank on the major search engines. I extensively research other sites related to yours and add or exchange links with them. This may require a links/resources page to be added to your site.

Optimization is only a stage in development Website. To put your site on top, you have to optimize. But to maintain it in the long run, you need a plan to maintain it. Here are some steps in SEO maintenance plan:

1. Management ranking on the search engines: There will be fluctuations in the results of the search engines for your site.

2. Traffic Tracking: It is important to maintain SEO plan is to know your traffic comes from

3. Keyword Research: Every day there are many sites to be released to the network, so the high ranking keywords you're having a lot of new competition, especially when these sites were well optimized.

4. Competitive Analysis: An integral part of optimizing search engines is to consider what keywords that your competitors are using

5. Updated content: It is clear that the site constantly updated content or expand the content will be greater advantage in raising rank less than the update page content.

6. Content analysis: Attract more traffic to websites is not enough to ensure your Web site sales. It basically depends on your content quality, not effective

7. Increase the popularity link: A very important issue in maintaining the SEO is to maintain the quality links pointing to your site

8. Edit the page and navigation structure: If visitors have trouble navigating to your page, you should edit the site and the navigation buttons to target more relevant visitors

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