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Why A Top Search Engine Rank Means More Than Just Clicks

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Getting to the top search engine rank is hard, especially when you are talking about search results. People spend millions of dollars trying to scam the system and others are tolling away, tweaking and testing in order to reach the No. 1 to No. 10 spot for a search term or relevant keywords. If you’ve made it, then you know the time and effort it takes. Being the top-ranked in Google has more responsibilities, over and above your dedication to remaining in first place and taking care of the onslaught of search traffic. It also means that you will be looked to as an industry leader. You need to act like one.

Why the Top Spot Search Engine Ranking Matters

According to a Google user study done by Slingshot SEO, a No. 1 Google organic rank acquires 18.2 percent of clicks and a No. 2 spot receives 10.05 percent of clicks. In addition, most users pass up on the paid search ads.

The second benefit of being at the top of the rankings comes from the business development front. Many potential partners are actively searching for companies who possess that “top-ranked” endorsement. These opportunities can be of significantly higher value than an individual sale. Top rankings come with the benefit of inbound business development leads. You couldn’t imagine the number of deals that have knocked on my door.

Lastly, the most beneficial asset of top rankings comes from increased media attention. Journalists and producers do their research, just like consumers. A top listing in Search Engine means you jump to the top of their prospect list, sometimes without even knowing.

The Responsibility of Top SERP Rank

A massively undervalued point of SEO comes from the brand legitimacy that is carried with being at the top of Search engine ranking position. The focus of SEO is typically to get more awareness, traffic, or conversions; it’s rarely meant to position or establish a company as a “segment leader” for a particular product or service.

This ranking means that you’re most likely perceived as an industry leader; you must act accordingly. First, you should understand the difference between transactional and holistic SEO. If your view of SEO is transactional (increased awareness, traffic, etc.), then you are missing out on the much larger payoff associated with higher rankings.

In contrast, a holistic view means that you are anticipating increased media attention, business development deals, and conversions. It’s important to understand that there are valuable players who could really benefit your company and you should act like the industry leader when you hook one.

What You Need to Lead

Today’s world of SEO is becoming more and more content-driven. We are seeing Google assign social signals and authorship higher weight in ranking factors, which means that relevant and authoritative content will legitimize your pages for keywords that relate to your niche.

When potential partners land on your site, they need information in order to understand your company’s model, growth rate, and future plans. Make it easy for them to convince other business leaders and stakeholders of the credibility of your business.

Media outlets will also be looking to you to comment on industry news and trends. Having information specifically directed toward press outlets should be available and find-able. Your “press” section should not be an afterthought; rather, it should be your centerpiece. It should be prominently promoted and serve as a resume of the company’s success. It should also include image assets and logos that the media is welcomed to grab and use.

Think of what indicators you can put on your site to confirm these inclinations that you are the industry leader, based upon your ranking. These can be things like trust marks, customer reviews, videos, and certifications, all of which further Google’s endorsement of your product or service.

Being No. 1 is about more than clickthroughs. SEO’s goal is the same as it always has been: Make great products and content and then make them find-able. Eventually, technology and algorithms will advance to the point where there is no tricking the system, the best information will rise to the top. Don’t let a lack of credibility or a continued focus on Google’s rankings stop you from being seen as the true leader of your industry.

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