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Ways to check or Protect your Web site from Google SEO Penalties

1.] Watch your Webmaster Tools account

 This one is obvious but I can’t even tell you how many site owners I speak with who don’t have their Webmaster Tools account set up, or who don’t monitor it.  This is important!

Watching the links that Google displays in your account can help you find problematic links that Google is acknowledging are crawled in part of how your site is ranked.  Keeping tabs on these links will help you to quickly identify low quality or negative links.

Perhaps Googlebot is having trouble accessing your site, or something went wrong with your server and there are numerous crawl or page errors.  Monitoring your webmaster account for your site’s health will make sure you address and minimize potential problems BEFORE they become penalties or result in a loss of rankings or traffic.

2.] Create Google Analytics Alerts
By creating Intelligence Events Alerts, you can have Google Analytics notify you if your traffic has decreased or if something has changed.
Here are some alerts that I set up for all of my clients:

  • 10% Traffic Drop
  • Bounce Rate increases by more than 5%
  • Google Organic Traffic decreased by more than 5%

Sometimes a small drop is an indication of problems, so I will review the site, backlinks, etc and address any problems before they result in penalties or major traffic loss.

3.] Just DON’T Do It!

It’s not worth it! Perhaps these links work for a little bit, but they WILL get you penalized.  If not now, it will happen in a future algorithmic update.
Fiverr is GREAT for some gigs, like voice overs and fun images, but when it comes to link building, it just won’t work.  Link building is hard, and expensive, and nobody can genuinely build you hundreds of links for $5.

 Build High Quality Links

4.] What’s your Anchor Density?

High anchor density for money terms is one of the main indicators of SERP manipulation that leads to Penguin penalties.

Keeping an eye on the anchor density of your keywords is important.  Anchor density will change constantly as new links are being built.  Every month, make sure you run an anchor density report and make sure you are under 15% for a money term.

I’ve seen anchor density for brand terms go upwards of 50% without penalties, but if the anchor text with high density is focused on money terms, then this could elicit penalties.  If you notice your density getting too high, quickly build noise or brand term links to dilute the percentages.
Be sure to use Semantically Related Keywords as well to avoid “fabricated” anchor text profiles.

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