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Understanding Why You Need SEO

Before you can understand the reasons for using SEO, it might be good to have a definition of what SEO search engine optimization is.

SEO is the art of customizing elements of your web site to achieve the best possible search engine ranking. That is really all there is to search engine optimization, but as simple as it sounds, do not let it fool you. Both internal and external elements of the site affect the way it is ranked in any given search engine, so all of these elements should be taken into consideration.

Good SEO can be very difficult to achieve, and great SEO seems pretty well impossible at times.

Why is search engine optimization very important? In the larger picture your site is nearly invisible, even to the search engines that send crawlers out to catalog the Web. To get your site noticed, both by crawlers and visitors, certain elements must stand out. That is why you need search engine optimization to help you focus on the right elements.

By accident, your site will surely land in a search engine; and it is likely to rank within the first few thousand results without any effort from you. A crawler will eventually find the site and bury it somewhere in the results with every other web site on the same topic. Clearly, that is not good enough. Being ranked on the ninth or tenth page of search results is tantamount to being invisible. To be noticed, your site should be ranked much higher.

Ideally, you want your site to be displayed somewhere on the first two to three pages of results. Most people would not look beyond the third page, if they get even that far. Indeed, it is the sites that land on the first page of results that get the most traffic, and traffic is translated into revenue, which is the ultimate goal of search engine optimization.

To achieve a high position in search results, your site must be more than simply recognizable by a search engine crawler. It must satisfy a set of criteria that not only gets the site cataloged, but can also get it cataloged above most (if not all) of the other sites that fall into that category or topic. This is no easy task.

Some of the criteria by which a search engine crawler determines your site is rank in a set of results include the following:

  • Anchor text
  • Site popularity
  • Link context
  • Topical links
  • Title tags
  • Keywords
  • Site language
  • Content
  • Site Age

It is estimated that there are at least several hundred other criteria that could also be examined before your site is ranked by a search engine. Some of the preceding criteria also have multiple points of view. For example, when looking at link context, a crawler might take into consideration where the link is located on the page, what text surrounds it, and where it leads to or from.

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